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IoT Video Management Platform

Central Management System of IP cameras.


IoT Interated Video Management Platform

• Customized Video Codec (H.264 / RTSP / HTTP / Mjpeg )

• Customized Audio Codec (AAC / G.711 / G.719)

• Two-way voice transmission / reception (Optional)

• Respond to user requests video restreaming

• Max 12 Channel management (Optional)

• Real-time recording of monitoring video

• Screen split (1/3/9/12CH)

• Add/ Delete/ Change the camera  

• Camera PTZ, Preset setting 

• Status of device communication, connection       

  availability, streaming resolution information, etc.

Multi-device support - Car LTE camera, Drones LTE

   video transmission system, IP camera




OCTOPUS, the IoT video management platform, monitors and management the video and data transmitted by the drones, mobile cameras, smartphones, CCTV to mobile communications, wired and wireless Ethernet.

Octostreaming, a dedicated streaming server supporting this, allows computer users to monitor and control multiple users remotely using a computer program and a smartphone app. 

OCTOPUS is a central management system (CMS) that can display H.264, RTSP, MPEG video transmitted from an external device by S / W decoding and GPU decoding processing.

It is configured to be able to operate in personal PC class specification of Windows OS base for free installation/expansion of this system.


Monitoring and management of PC /  Mobile Phone

 Video quality setting
Multi-channel playback 1/ 4/ 9/ 12 Channel
Logging & verifying logs - Camera Open/ Close,
    start recording, end
 Setting, Camera add & remove/ Create & remove
    Add / Delete the user, Access settings, Auto login
 Camera status, connection enable/disable, List     
    update, the Server registration 
Preset Recording
    PTZ -Up, Down, Left, Right,12 zoom,
    Day & night mode
DI/ DO - Buzzer & Warning light control

User Interface


 Video Quality Setting 

     >1  Channel: Playback FHD video

     > n Channel: Playback SD video 

 Playback multichannel 

     >1, 4, 9, 12 Channel


    >Add & remove the camera / Create

     and remove group

    >Add & remove the user, Permission

     settings, auto login

 Logging & verifying logs

    >Camera open,/ close, start/ end recording, 

OCTOPUS Streaming Engine 




Input    : RTSP Support (TCP,UDP)

• Output : RTSP Support (TCP,UDP), RTP Multicast

Video   : H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MP4

• Audio   : G.711,G.722, G.726, AAC, OPUS  

OS       : Linux, Windows

• Concurrent access Max. : 128User (Optional)

• Support WEB Control UI

• Auto Start the program, Real time Check Demon, Recording (Optional)


Recommended specification

• Intel i7 3.07GHz CPU or more

• DDR 3 16GB RMA or more  • 500GB of HDD or more

• Support Microsoft Direct X, External display adapter

• 1080p or higher resolution display device


OS Specifications

• Microsoft Windows 7 64bit or higher OS

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