Mobile Network H.264 PTZ Camera


Live Streaming Portable Camera

• H.265/ H.264 2 Mega Pixel PTZ Camera

• Real-time LTE mobile network streaming

• 12 times Optical zoom / 5.2 ~ 62.4mm

• H.265, H.264, JPEG Dual Codec, Smart Codec function

• WDR (150dB), Anti-shake function with gyro sensor

• Powerful lithium battery

• Central Management Software(CMS) &  Mobile phone APP 

• LED warning light & buzzer. Remote alarm function



Octopotable is an all in one stand alone mobile camera with PTZ camera, network and power package.

Octopotable transmits and receives scene images and signals in off-grid and offline environments,
In addition, Octostreaming, a dedicated streaming server, supports computer users and smartphone apps so that multiple users can control the site.

Monitoring and management of PC /  Mobile Phone

 Video quality setting
Multi-channel playback 1/ 4/ 9/ 12 Channel
Logging & verifying logs - Camera Open/ Close,
    start recording, end
 Setting, Camera add & remove/ Create & remove
    Add / Delete the user, Access settings, Auto login
• Camera status, connection enable/disable, List     
   update, the Server registration 
Preset Recording
PTZ -Up, Down, Left, Right,12 zoom,
    Day & night mode
DI/ DO - Buzzer & Warning light control

System appearance

Front                                        Side    
Back                                        Top    


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